Wednesday, November 17, 2010

eKAT review

We've been so involved with the eKAT review over the past few days, I haven't really had time to think about practical stuff.

EBSCO - I went to talk to EBSCO direct last week, plus I've got a meeting with Richard Osborn, Louise and Isabel to check over licensing and access on the 4th October.

UCL and Middlesex Uni still have issues over assigning local material to the new nhs prefix, which relates to EBSCO and this looks like it will take some time and discussion to sort out. It is also clear that there is no protocol for adding of local resources to London's nhs prefix (or any other region). There are trusts that have local resources not thinking they can add the resources to Athens and there are others who have added stuff, but not thought of adding to the new prefix. Something for discussion on the 8th October.

Non-nhsnet machine self-registration and people who don't know where they work (apparently quite a few which is worrying) notifications to eKAT via Athens are being worked through. This week this hit 60 plus and these all need confirmation from Athens administrators. The process is working OK, but we are getting problems with Athens admin people not being able to easily confirm the people are legit. This is a process we need to look at.

123doc is another story which I haven't really had time to devote to...

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