Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OVID Links up and Working

Thanks to Geoff Moon's quick work, we appear to have the links working to the new nhs prefixes. As I thought, we had sent some of the new site id codes to Ovid, but obviously not all! Anyway they work now.

Mr Knox of SLAM pointed out something useful to me on Friday. Medline - where it had them - provided direct links to Harvard Business Review articles whereas, PsycInfo - where it had them - just provided the abstract and no link. Having had a quick look, a lot of the PsycInfo titles - after the first few, were outside the range of the electronic journal, but those within don't link. Further investigation has produced the fact that PsycInfo don't provide the ISSN for HBR and therefore the linking won't work. This will probably not be enabled that quickly, but I will follow it with the American Psychological Association (APA) - they gave me a hard enough time when I was trying to sell PsycInfo and PsycLIT, so perhaps I can get my own back!!!

Short term is probably going to be a pain (and probably annoy Rheinardt at Imperial because I know he doesn't want us to encourage this...) but I still think that because of the nature of the journals in the EBSCO collection, which is primarily management, that using the EBSCO search interface is probably the most useful. It searches across the whole management collection and obviously, because the collection is fulltext, any hit will produce a full text article. DH Data would probably also produce some links to the management journals (as it is a health management database) but probably not as successfully unless the management information search is specifically medically focussed.

I will not be discussing the football result from Portsmouth as it cruel to mock the afflicted - those being the referee and his assistants who were obviously visibly challenged...

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